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DancEthos in Tiffany Haughn’s “From Within.” Photo: Colin Hovde ©

DancEthos Board of Directors

Larry Kelly, chair
Mike Bohn, treasurer
Carolyn Kamrath, secretary
Leslie Peck Veirheilig
Tiffany Haughn

Thank you to all of our generous supporters! We can only succeed in our mission through the help of numerous friends like you.

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DancEthos Donors
September 2013 to August 2014 Season

Nathan Victoria and Carolyn Kamrath in Matthew Bennett’s “Matriculate.” Photo: DancEthos ©

As of 5.3.2014

Jocelyn Babuscio
Robin Cannon
Stephen Clapp & Laura Schandelmeier
Sara Goldware
Nicklin Heap
Mike Hileman
Madhuri Jha
Christina Kamrath
Dana Lokitis
Marsha and Marty Moody
Shawn Rahmani
Leah Rothschild
Alex Staherski
Kim Thomas
Rich and Caroline Warren

Vanessa Rowan in Vladimir Angelov’s “Framework”. Photo: DancEthos ©

Denise Blackburn
Claudia and Keith Flemingloss
Jameson Freeman and Dana Tai Soon Burgess
Judith and Daniel Herrman
Cat Kamrath
Rafael and Ramona Salazar
Jack and Nora Schumacher
Liz and Ralph Schumacher
Daniel Singh
Clarissa Stark
Sharon Stoops

DancEthos in Tiffany Haughn’s “Revealed.” Photo: Colin Hovde ©

Brent Agnew
Susan Barton
Gabrielle Campagna
Enoch Chan & Kimmie Dobbs Chan
King Family
JoAnn Mulready-Shick
Elisa Rapaport
Linda Stull
Mark and Holly Thomas
Jennifer Walker
Benjamin R. Williams

Janet Hockman
Scott and Marie Kamrath
Lawrence Kelly

$500 and above
Ronald Haughn
Felicia Schaps
Pat and Orr Westerkamp