Meg McDermott, Jenny T. Flemingloss and Anna Headen in Colleen Hutchings’ “Pieces of a Whole.” Photo: DancEthos ©

The Divide

Choreographed by Artistic Director Tiffany Haughn
The Divide explores our gender consciousness and is set to the evocative music of Rebecca Clarke, performed with passion and color by the West Shore Piano Trio. The dance is in three parts that depict: a world with no gender biases juxtaposed against the reality of the stark gender gap; communication barriers between opposite sexes; and the stereotypes that we fall into and how we react when those gender roles are reversed.

The In Between

Choreographed by Artistic Director Tiffany Haughn
The In Between explores the soul shaking and soul shaping experience of living with a life-threatening illness.  Inspired by her goddaughter’s battle with cancer, Haughn takes viewers on a journey toward better understanding of what it means to be living at the border crossing between this ordinary world and the invisible, unknown one.
Premiered at Dance Place June 2012
12 minutes



Choreographed by Artistic Director Tiffany Haughn
Kodály is named for the composer Zoltán Kodály and his incredible duet for violin and cello which is played live on stage by musicians from the West Shore Piano Trio as the dancers attempt to mimic each note and breath of the instruments. The dancers demonstrate the look of sound as they paint a picture of the music with circular movements representing the notes, linear shapes representing the staff and the angular actions of the rests and accidentals.
Premiered at Dance Place 2011
8 minutes 20 seconds



Choreographed by Artistic Director Tiffany Haughn
Unsung tells the story of war from the soldiers’ perspective.  Inspired by letters and interviews of soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the work depicts the many different aspects of war from tragedy and loss to self sacrifice and the triumph of the human spirit. Unsung honors the commitment and sacrifice of soldiers while at the same time serving as a sermon on peace.
Premiered at Dance Place 2009
8 sections totaling 45 minutes

Section 2:
Section 3:
Section 4:
Section 5:
Section 6:
Section 7:
Section 8:



Choreographed by Artistic Director Tiffany Haughn
Like the score by Kenji Bunch that inspired it, Amalgamation is in one moment beautiful and heartfelt and in the next satirical and whimsical.
Premiered at Harris Theater 2004
6 minutes and 30 seconds


Shaping Our Gossamer Skins (Reprise)

Choreographed by Assistant Director Carolyn Kamrath
The dance reexamines Kamrath’s 2007 work on the construction of modern femininity. With original music by Roc Lee, the dancers move in and out of unified and individualized movement to explore the expectations placed on modern women.
Premiered at Dance Place 2011
5 minutes and 30 seconds


Some Middle Ground

Choreographed by Jenny T. Flemingloss
We all have a belief, a cause, an issue that we think is worth fighting for, and more often than not, it sets us against someone else. Some Middle Ground explores the idea that, despite our differences, there are inevitably some things we have in common. Inspired by a politically divided United States, Jenny Flemingloss presents a notion that there is a future in the space between our differences, the space where we find some middle ground.
Premiered at Dance Place June 2012
7 minutes


Choreographed by Gabrielle Campagna
Semigloss explores the unexpected but necessary relationships we encounter throughout our lives.  At times flirty, other times suspicious, many times awkward, these relationships shape the way we go about our day.  Whether we like them or not, encounters with others reflect the relationship we have with ourselves.
Premiered at Woolly Mammoth 2011
6 minutes and 15 seconds