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www.rushcardlive.com: Do you already have a card? The Account.RushCard.com website may be accessed by using the RushCard login page. You can also make payments or contact customer support from there.

Prepaid Visa partners that are handled by MetaBank and licensed by Visa USA are made using Rush cards.



The Login Procedure for www.rushcardlive.com

To login and check out your additional advantages as a RushCard member, go to https://account.rushcard.com/Login.aspx and enter your RushCard login ID and password.

For your convenience, we’ve included a password recovery tool in our online resource section. Alternatively, you may contact 1-866-787-4227 to talk with a customer care representative who can help.

The rest of your questions may be addressed by email to the finance department in Cincinnati, Ohio, Monday through Friday.

Some first-time users who register with a RushCard account will be asked to provide their computer’s hardware and Internet Protocol (IP) address so that their computer’s registration and IP information may be saved and remembered for security reasons.

Receiving account notifications and excess charges on your mobile phone may be done so that you are notified of activity associated with your login and transactions. To the best of our knowledge, however, cash loading your balance is only accessible at all Walmart stores in the United States, with the exception of Vermont.

Before you have set up a PIN on the website, you will not have access to money stored on your card. New accounts may be registered by signing in or phoning for the first time.

You’ll have to have a browser that can support 128-bit or greater encryption in order to use electronic statements downloaded from your account. Recommended: Google Chrome for this.

If you’d like to see statements or other electronic documents regarding your RushCard prepaid visa, you’ll need software that can open a PDF file.

Please ensure you switch off paper statements and mailings in order to get quicker service in bill payments on your credit card once you have registered an account.

RushCard login will not be supported by an app at the time of this writing. Instead, visit RushCard’s mobile-friendly site and utilise it for getting money, getting tax information, or finding nearby ATM locations.

Learn How to Use a www.rushcardlive.com

A new way to get money in the hands of the millions of Americans who aren’t banked has been created: The RushCard, designed by hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons, includes a prepaid card, direct deposit, check-writing capabilities, and money management features. You will first need to activate your new RushCard by phone or online. Depending on the kind of RushCard you possess, the procedure differs. The RushCard Live is a replacement for a RushCard, and is comparable to a RushCard, except it is a Green Dot Bank card, not a MetaBank card. In addition to the greater daily cash load limit of $2,500 for the RushCard Live, this prepaid card has a different monthly spending restriction of $1,000 than the standard RushCard, which has a lower daily cash load limit of $1,000.


The Design Rushcards

Step 1: Dial 1-800-207-4109 to initiate the activation process. You may guide you through the activation procedure by using voice activation. 

Step 2: is to set up your Personal Identification Number (PIN). In addition to setting up your card PIN number, you will be able to access your money via the voice-activated system.

Step 3: To sign up for an online RushCard account, visit the RushCard sign-up page. You may access account information like as your current balance, bills, and previous card activity by logging into your online account. In addition, you may utilise the RushCard budgeting features, pay anybody in the US via the internet, and use the card to pay your expenses. You will need your RushCard number as well as the Card Verification Value (CVV2) number in order to register for the card. As part of the registration process, you will create a login ID and password, as well as provide answers to security questions. All that is required is that you activate your card and then create an online account. After that, you’ll get electronic statements without paying extra fees. Paper statements are now $1.

RushCard’s streaming radio feature

  • To proceed, you must first go to www.rushcardlive.com to set up your RushCard Live card and activate it online. Unfortunately, there are a few more requirements to successfully completing your purchase. You will need to provide your credit card number and expiration date, as well as the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • To activate it online, just visit a shop where you purchased your card and follow the steps outlined in Step 2. In the event that you came to the website after seeing it, proceed to enter the information requested, which includes the card number, the security code, your contact information, your Social Security number, and your birth date. To prevent terrorist financing, the federal government requires the extra information on cards purchased at a shop to be recorded.
  • Create a four-digit unique identification number for yourself (PIN). If you choose “use my own PIN number” then you’ll be able to decide your own PIN number or let the website to select one for you. To complete the registration process, enter the security code displayed on the screen, and then confirm your activation. After that, your card is ready for use.

The Rushcard customer care department is located at the Rushcard headquarters.

For current users, please log into your Rush Card mobile application or your Rush Card online account and choose ‘HELP’ from the main menu. Customers should go to their website using this URL and search for the word “Help” in the bottom.

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