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www.starbucks.in/card: What is the best place for me to go in order to get a Starbucks Card?

Customers may purchase e-cards from Starbucks at any of the company’s stores in India. E-cards can be loaded to your registered Starbucks India account via the Starbucks India mobile app.

What is the most efficient method to make use of my Starbucks Card?

Both your physical Starbucks Card and your Starbucks India mobile app are valid at any of the over 17,000 shops in India that participate in this programme. It may be food, beverage, retail coffee, ready-to-drink (RDTD), ready-to-eat (RTE), and goods, just to name a few. There is no way to convert your Starbucks Card’s value into cash.



It is possible for me to register my Starbucks Card online by following the steps outlined on this webpage? 

You may place an order online or via the Starbucks India mobile app, which can be found at www.starbucks.in/card. To register a physical card, you’ll need to make a deposit of at least Rs.200 and provide your card’s 14-digit number as well as the CSC (Card Security Code), which is a 4-digit number that can be found behind the scratch-off coating on the back of your card. You’ll also need to provide your card’s 14-digit number and the CSC (Card Security Code), which is a 4-digit number that can be found behind the scratch-off coating on the back

To transfer the money from my old Starbucks Card to a new Starbucks Card, I’d want to know how to do it.

When your cards are linked to the same account, you may transfer balances electronically or through the Starbucks India mobile app. Visit the Manage My Cards area of Starbucks.in, click on the Transfer Funds link, and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Will I be able to use my Starbucks Card in other markets?

India-issued Starbucks Cards are only valid at Starbucks stores in India, and they cannot be used at any other locations in any other country.

My login and password were both forgotten, what do I do now?

To retrieve your forgotten password, please visit our website www.starbucks.in, or use your Starbucks India mobile app and enter the email address provided in the email that is sent to you to get your one-time password. If you’d like, you may contact us at 18602660010 to assist you with your account.


How much does the Card hold?

With the purchase of a real Starbucks Card or e-card, you may have up to Rs.20,000 on your card. In contrast, no minimum dollar amount is required in order to get a real Starbucks Card or an e-Card. Once an initial load has been done, all further loads have to be done in multiples of Rs.100.

Do I have to put at least this much into the Card?

A minimum starting payment of Rs.200 is required to complete this task. Refunds may only be issued in multiples of 100 rupees.

Is it possible to use my Starbucks Card for partial payment?

You may divide a payment when you use your Starbucks Card to pay for your purchase at a Starbucks shop in India as well as for another method of payment.

I’ve had to recharge my Starbucks Card, how do I do that?

Reloading your Starbucks Card balanc is as easy as visiting www.starbucks.in/card and selecting Reload your Card from the drop-down menu that appears. Starbucks is offering you the option to refill your card whenever you’d like, throughout India. If you have the Starbucks India mobile app, you may also use it to replenish your Starbucks Card.

I’d want to know how much money is on my www.starbucks.in/card balance.

Anyone who has a Starbucks card or a Starbucks India mobile app registered with their information may log in at www.starbucks.in/card, click on Check Your Balance, or do a balance check using the Starbucks India mobile app. Additionally, registered users in India may access the balance at any Starbucks location. An Indian national may see just their balance at Starbucks outlets throughout the country.

Is the Card valid till the date printed on it?

The card has no expiry date. Use it how you see fit.

Is there a time limit on the amount of money that may be stored on a Starbucks Card?

The amount saved on your Starbucks Card doesn’t expire, so you’ll never run out of time to spend it.

Are there places where I can buy 50 or more cards in one go?

For orders of 50 or more cards, please email us at marketing@tatastarbucks.com. In order to prevent the transaction amount from being too little, we have a minimum amount that will always be put on each card, which is Rs.200. You may pay by cheque drawn on demand, demand draught, or national electronic funds transfer (RTGS/NEFT). Cards will be given to you, conditional on the money being realized.

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