– Activate American Express Card – AMEX generally means American Express. The American Express company offers many cards to its customers to use for their everyday needs. To earn the membership reward points the company is offering many reward points for their customers for using their cards everyday.

They also give bonus points if the customers use the AMEX card at all the occasions. If your credit point is in the entry level or lower level then you will be given a blue card.

There is also business green card, business gold card and business platinum card following the entry level card. In the last level reward card you can earn up to 100,000 membership reward points which includes the annual fee of $ 595.

The American Express card is said that very strongest in travel expenses. By using the Amex card in booking tickets for travel the customer can earn credit points. Among the above mentioned cart the platinum card is considered as one of the richest cards used by the people.

The platinum cards are used by the people only in long travels. By using it the customers can get a credit up to $ 550. The blue card is meant for business expenses. The American Express cards offers many benefits to its customers in variant ways.

How to Get

To become a card holder on American Express you need to follow the below instructions carefully,

  • Go to the official website of the American Express that is
  • Now enter the 15 digit card number in the space given there
  • Now type the 4 digit card number or ID which verifies your details
  • Now press the confirm button on the bottom of the page
  • Next is the personal information page here you need give your personal details carefully
  • The personal details may include name,  address, Date of birth,  etc
  • By clicking confirm option a code will be sent to your registered email ID or mobile number
  • Copy and paste the code in the box given in the page
  • After the verification of your personal details the card will become active
  • To make your card usable you need to link your card to your personal bank account
  • Now the registration process is complete

Terms and Conditions:

Before registering for the card the customer should go through the terms and conditions of the American Express company. The customers should not violate the terms and conditions on any occasions. They must always keep in mind the following rules and regulations while using the card

  • The eligibility of a person to apply for American Express card must be at least 18
  • The personal information given by you at the time of verification must be true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief
  • Do I play for the corporate card you must have attached the request from your company to access to the corporate card
  • You should pay the charge amount if the card is used in abroad
  • If there is an error in billing or in servicing you must notify to the company within 60 days
  • You are requested to make payments in contactless mode in a very minimum amount to avoid fraud
  • You are not given the right to cancel your payment or transfer in the middle
  • You must renew your card at the given time period
  • If you have any queries you must contact the customer service
  • Customer service station will be available only from Monday to Friday
  • For additional details kindly login the website and go through the rules and regulations


  • For the activation of your card you need to transfer some money to be prepaid to your American Express money card
  • At the time of verification you must give any of the details with valid proof suggest driving license, visa ,etc
  • Once you get your American Express card with you need to notify the 15 digit code and four digit card number carefully
  • Before the activation of the card you must link your personal account with the American express card to make your expenses easier
  • Your email address and phone number provided at the time of verification must be true

Benefits or Rewards:

  • By downloading American Express app you can view your accounts status anytime, anywhere.
  • The customers are rewarded with one credit point for every purchases
  • By traveling, shopping and booking tickets you can increase your credit points
  • You can also get more than one card per individual
  • by recommending your friends and families you are rewarded with the bonus points
  • For online transactions the company charges no fees
  • You can also donate your money for various fundraisers by using the American Express card for this the company charges nothing
  • By using your credit points you can pay your expenses on travelling, hotels, etc
  • You can also get gifts with the recommended brands

About Company:

American Express company is popularly known as AMEX is a well known company in travelling. It extended its business in more than 130 companies across the world.  The company is well known among peoples as they provide a large number of benefits to its customers.

The company is considered as one of the biggest competitors in the credit card section. The company is well known for providing safety and security to its users. The Headquarters of the company is situated in New York, United States. The major share of the company is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.


  • What does American Express company do?

The American Express company is well known for its cards and also for its services towards traveling.

  • Which bank provide the American Express card?

The American Express card is produced by the ICICIBank.

  • Why is American Express so special ?

The company has become popular  as it provides many benefits and luxurious traveling experience to its customers.

  • Is Amex a credit card?

Yes, it is a credit card but also it can be used as a charge card.

  • What is American Express credit limit?

The credit limit for the American Express credit card  Is up to $ 8000.

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