– Activate Your Bass Pro Club Card – If you are a natural lover of traveling anywhere and you have many interests in sports like fishing, hunting, fishing, water sports, etc. This card gives many cashback offers. This is an American-based private company to spend discounts and offers on hunting, fishing, etc.

These company headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri. More than 175 branches are there in this company.

This card is before considered a master card and now this company makes association with capital one card. Now, this management is regulated by capital one bank.

There are so many benefits to using this card. When you buy high expenditure you may get more high rewards.

If you have a bass pro card in your hand and if you like to travel and sports more then you will be blessed to use it.

Some of the people who haven’t know about bass pro activation, then don’t bother about it. This article is only for you to get your suspicions cleared. Read this article thoughtfully to get activate your bass pro card.

One who uses a Cabelas card then is also very easy to use. Because the Cabelas card and the bass pro card are mostly equivalent to activate.

For using this card first you have to create an account

Rules and Requirements for Account Creation and Activation:

     Before creating an account you should follow certain rules and requirements that are listed below

  • Your age should be more than 18 years and ago
  • Your residents should be in the United States
  • For activation, you must have a card in your hand
  • You must know your username and password
  • Knowing the English language is required
  • Redeem your club points to get discounts

How to Create an Account:

  • For creating an account predominantly you have to enter into the website
  • After that, you have to give your personal information like first name, last name, date of birth, permanent address, email address, contact details
  • Then set username and password
  • Then click the ” submit” option
  • After that, your account is created and it is ready to activate

After creating an account you may not able to make use of it without activation.

The following are the procedures for the activation process

How to Activate the Bass Pro Card:

Bass Pro card is very easy to activate and make use of it. There are two ways to get your card activated. That is an online method and via phone method.

You must have yo log in to your account before any activation

The following are the measures to login bass pro account

How to Log in:

  • For logging in initially, you have to visit the website
  • Then click the sign-in option
  • Enter your username and password when you set up an account creation
  • If you forget your password then click the” forgot password “option
  • On that, you have to give the information like name, address, date of birth, expiry date of the card, social security number, card verification value (CVV), card number
  • And then submit it.
  • After that, you create a new password and follow the above steps for logging in

After login, you have to activate your card for further moves.

Online Method:

For activating the bass pro card, follow the steps given below.

  • Open a web browser from devices such as a laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet
  • Then go to the website of bass pro
  • Make sure about before activation you should have logged in to the account or not
  • If you log in then click the” add a card” option
  • After that fill in the needed credentials like name, date of birth, card number, social security number, card verification number, expiry date of the card
  • Then click the add card option
  • After finishing all these processes you will be notified soon your card gets activated

By Phone Method:

By using the phone for activation, you have to call the toll free number by clicking the contact us option on the home page of bass pro

( Dial – 1-800-300-5874)

  • After they pick up you have to inform them about the activation
  • Then they will ask for some personal information like card number, social security number, CCV, date of birth, expiry date of the card
  • Then you have entered your username and password
  • Then they make your card gets activated
  • You will be notified shortly and it is ready for use

Benefits of Bass Pro Card:

  • There is no annual fee offered for this card
  • No surcharges are required for foreign transaction
  • These bass pro cards are distributed at three levels, they are club classic, club Silver, and club black
  • For every card, there is a different retailer for different cardholders
  • For classic card, the retail point is 2%
  • For silver card, the retail point is 3%
  • For black card, the retail point is 1%
  • When you activate your card firstly then you get a bonus amount of $25
  • If you make 5 purchases within 30 days you may get a redeemable amount of $25
  • If you buy a high expenditure, then you can get a good chance to win more rewards
  • If you purchase good branded products then you may get a point of 2%
  • If your purchase other products then you get 1% points

Payment Details:

When you purchase anything then you have any doubts about making payments then follow the given paragraph

There are three methods to make payments. Firstly by visiting the website and sign in to make payment, then by calling customer service for making payment (1-800-300-1723), and by visiting the nearby store with the help of google map or other

Contact Details:

If you have any queries on making payments or on activation or account creation there is a toll-free number available by them. Customer care works 24 by 7 to get your concerns cleared.

( Dial – 1-800-300-5984)

Email Address:

Support @ Bass Pro

Pros and Cons of Bass Pro Card:


  • This card is very affluent to use
  • Live chat is also available in it
  • Safe and secure to use
  • No annual fee is required for using this card


  • Have to redeem the points to get rewards
  • Not much value like credit cards


If one likes fishing, shooting, swimming, hunting, camping, clothing, etc. Then this card is very useful to them. Bass pro card has equally the same quality as Cabelas card. I hope this article helps you a lot to know more about the bass pro card and its activation processes.

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