– Activate Cabela’s Credit Card –  It is a master card provided a club offers on shopping. This card is dispensed by Capital one bank. If you are a regular customer of Cabela and bass pro shop then this card is definitely for you. It is easy to make payments on these shops.

If you purchase anything at cabela and bass pro you may also be able to get club points. This card is designed to help the customers. It makes our life very easy and comfortable for making payments. You may also be able to get lots of rewards and promotional offers.

You may also be able to get more discounts. There is no transfer fee is required. Activating your Cabelas card is not difficult to do and it takes only very few minutes. If you are a customer of Cabela and bass pro and if you even do not have applied for this card, then you have to register first.

If you don’t know how to register or activate a Cabelas card then this article is for you. Read this article carefully to know more about it.

How to Register for a Cabelas Card:

To register a Cabelas card then follow the steps given below,

  • First, you have to visit online at <URL>
  • Then you have to enter your name, SSN, date of birth, contact information, economic information, email
  • Then check all the details once again and then submit it
  • Then you will get notified about your card registration and you will get your card soon.
  • You may also be able to call the toll free number to register( Dial- 1-800-237-4444)
  • Give the necessary credentials asked by them and after completion, you will get notified and will get a card soon

If you have a card in your hand you may not able to use it without activation. To know about activation read the article below

Rules for Activation:

  • Devices like a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet are required with Internet connectivity
  • Your age would be more than 18 years and above
  • Your resident must be in the United States
  • Capital One account is required
  • Cabelas card is also required
  • English or Spanish language is known
  • Username and password is also required
  • Redeem your club points to get more discounts

How to Activate

To activate the Cabelas card you have two methods to do. They are,

  • Online method and
  • Via phone method

Online Method:

  • For online activation, you have to visit the official website
  • On the home page, there are two options available, if you have an online permit to your capital one account then click the” sign in and activate ” option if not then click the” set up online access” option.
  • If you have online access then fill in your username and password and click the login option then enter into your account
  • Then you have to give the card number by clicking the Cabelas card option
  • Then click the active option. After that, your card gets activated and ready for use.
  • If you don’t have an online permit then you have to get online access then only you may able to use this card
  • Click the ” set up online access” option then fill in the needed credentials like account number, name, email address, social security number, date of birth, personal information, and then click the ” find me” option
  • After that, your capital one account gets linked with your Cabelas card, and then you may activate by following the above procedure as well

Via Phone Method:

  • By using the phone to activate your Cabelas card you must have to call the customer care number ( Dial- 1-800-301-7590)
  • They may ask your details like whether you have an account on capital one bank, credit card number, date of birth, your name, and all the needed credentials.
  • You have to tell them a username and password
  • And they make your card activated
  • After that, your card is ready to use

Benefits of Cabelas Card:

The benefits of using a cables card are discussed below,

  • After activating your Cabelas card you may able to get $10 for the redeemable amount by purchasing five times within one month
  • For every purchase, you may able to get more club points. These points are used for your rewards and discounts
  • Promotional offers also available by gaining club points
  • For every purchase on the above-mentioned store, you may able to get 2% club points
  • For sign up, you may get a bonus amount of $20
  • Redeem your club points to get more offers

How to Redeem Club Points:

  • To redeem your club points visit the official website and then log in to your account.
  • Then click” add a club card option” on your account menu
  • Then enter your card number, expiry date, and then click next
  • Then click the expand option available for redeeming club points
  • Then expand the club points

these are the way to get expand your club points

The payment method is also simple to access. The following are the information about the payment method

About Payments:

There are two methods to pay your shopping bill on cables and bass pro shop. That is an online method and by calling.

On the online method visit the website and log in to your account then click the payment option from your account menu. Then give your card number and necessary details and click make payment. For paying the bill by calling( dial – 1-800-850-8402) and give the required details and make payment

Customer Service:

If you have any queries about activation, registration, or payment methods, you feel free to call the toll-free number( Dial – 1-800-301-7590)

To read the terms and conditions and to know about the privacy policy visit the <URL>

Pros and Cons of Cables Card:


  • This card is very useful for the people who purchase at cables and bass pro store
  • There is no transfer fee for making payments using a Cabelas card
  • You may get lots of rewards and offers by getting more club points


  • This card is only able to use at the Cabela and bass pro store
  • Have to redeem club points during the given time


This card gives exciting rewards and discounts. I hope this article clears all your doubts about Cabelas card activation, registration, and payment methods. To know more visit the official website

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