– Check Prize Confirmation Center – My price is a piece of website news for those who had served their autos from one dealer to another and also had an invitation for coding so that they used to get a prize and check the status of their offer.

This card is also used for making a good deal in business and also so give benefit to the customer whenever you make any e-transaction you always receive some coins and scratch cards.

If you are using this card then you can make a lot of profit. whenever you make any payment you will get some cash back and reward which is using your next shopping buy this in your next shopping there will also be a discount. The cashback for the coupon which you received can be used still 3 months after 3 months you will not be able to to use this cashback on the coupon if you have not used this coupon before the expiry date then it will become a waste

This card has some important role in making good relationships with business and auto dealers and also of course it confirms the price delivery and status.

Whenever you have an invitation for this price status then you will also receive a code which helps you to check your status of prizes. Some businessmen also decided to advertise so they make advertisements for solutions which they offer to the customer. The online price center is available 24 hours a day you can easily call and ask your query.

Instruction to Check Dealers App Prize Status Online.

If you are eligible to get the prize and you have won the prize and don’t know how to check the status, kindly visit the official site of this the steps are as follows.

  • To check the prize kindly visit the official site of my price status web page. When you visit the official site you will see that there is one box of entry login in ID and password kindly fill their ID and password correctly.
  • After that, once you enter all the details then go to the website which is drinking on an empty box right in the middle of your computer screen.
  • After that you see that the invitation code is asking kindly go and fill the invitation code 150 in the admiration code. Can we continue button after clicking the continue button you will be able to see your status of the prize. Is it delivered or not or what is the status of the prize you can easily see from there if you have any doubt and any question related to this kindly go and contact customer care.

Eligible criteria

Like all other companies and cards this company also has some terms and conditions. The people who you are satisfying these terms and conditions are eligible. The terms and condition as follow;-

  • candidate age must be 18 or 18 plus less than 18 years are not allowed in this company.
  • To check your prize status you have to enter your invitation code number. If you are not able to enter your invitation code number then you will not get any information regarding your prize.
  • For seeing the status of your price you have to kindly fill in your login ID and password if you don’t have a login ID and password then you will not be able to see any update regarding this
  • You must have good internet connectivity and having your mobile laptop and PC


With the help of this company you can easily see the status of your price, it is in waiting or if it is delivered or how many days it will be delivered. All the information you will get at one place. You do need to go anywhere you can kindly see the status online by visiting the official site. If you think there is any mistake or any delay in your package kindly contact customer care they are very friendly and easily available to talk with you.

To talk to a customer care you can easily call the toll-free number or you can also mail to the customer care they will message you back in one hour


If an applicant doesn’t have the invitation code what will happen?

if any people don’t have their invitation code then they are not able to see the status of the prize.

What are the maximum days in which people received their prize?

in 10 to 15 days maximum the people can easily receive their price.

If there is any problem then what and where should people go?

if you thought there is any mistake related to your order kindly visit customer care office they are easily available to talk with you you can easily call him or send it a mail There is also a facility available of chat us with the customer care you can easily chat also with customer care office for chatting or for calling to customer care they will ask you your invitation code number and after that, they can solve your problem

once your problem is solved in Las there is one feedback option of 11 kindly go and fill the feedback option which is very important for customer services they can know how they are helpful to you


Here are all the details related to my price if you have any queries and or not able to understand kindly comment in the comment section we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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