– How To Activate Walmart Gift Card? – Walmart gift card is issued by the bank of Green dot corp. By making use of the Walmart gift card you can gain voucher and a gift . You can use the gift card in the place where ever the company has made to redeem it gift cards.

The card is rated as one among the best gift cards in the United States. The Walmart gift card is also known as the basic blue Walmart gift card. It is a prepaid gift card. You can get it via Mater card , Visa , etc.

The Walmart gift card is of two types. One is 5he the normal plastic card and other is the e – gift card. If you are using your e – gift card then your should show it to the shop keeper. Otherwise you can make a print of it.

How to Activate a Walmart Gift Card?

If your Walmart money card has the value of less than 250 dollars then you no need to activate it you can use it directly. Mention the following steps for the activation of your Walmart gift card,

  • Log in to the official website of Wal-Mart gift cards
  • Or otherwise click here
  • Or you can dial up the toll free number 1800-411-7942
  • Or you can call up the customer service which will be available from Monday to Friday
  • Now sign into your Walmart account by entering details such as your user ID, password etc
  • Now select your account if you hold multiple accounts
  • You can see manage accounts on the screen in that you can see the option of the gift cards
  • As you’re going to activate your new gift card you should give the option add a new gift card
  • Now type the 16 digit gift card number which will be printed on the gift card in the space given in the website
  • It also asks your pin and your nickname for the card etc
  • After filling all your details click save
  • For your registered email or your phone number you will be receiving an email after which you can confirm that your gift card has been activated
  • Only after receiving the mail your gift card will be activated.

Terms and Conditions:

Make a serious note of the below mentioned instructions carefully.

  • The Walmart gift card is not refundable
  • Buying the card is taken as you accepting the terms of the company
  • You must belong to United States
  • You must be at least 18 years to own  gift card
  • If there is any queries the customers can contact the customer service number from Monday to Friday
  • The card should not to be used for marketing
  • If you need more than 750 gift cards then you must make a mail of order to the Walmart gift card company
  • You don’t have the right to write anything on the card
  • Once if you lost your gift card it would be irreplaceable
  • You should take the responsibility of keeping the card safe with you
  • Combined gift cards will not be accepted at any of the Walmart shops
  • To know your balance in your gift card call 1 – 888 –537 – 5503
  • Once you get the card it will not expire until you redeem your gifts
  • The customer center will be available only during week days
  • If you are dealing with any problems kindly call 1800 – 411 – 7942
  • The card should not be used in a harmful
  • Give proper ID. If we confirm that you have given a wrong ID then your card will be deactivated


  • Make sure that the balance in your card is far enough to purchase your gifts
  • In case you are owing a e – gift card from the Walmart you must have a print out of the receipt
  • Install Walmart app to deal with your gift card status

Benefits or Rewards:

You Can obtain the following benefits of rewards by using the Walmart gift card.

  • By using the Walmart gift card you can redeem your gift at anytime
  • Or otherwise you can take a discount offer for 8%
  • By using the gift cards we can grasp the new customers to the store
  • The Walmart gift card is ranked at #3 according to the 2020 popularity rank
  • The customers can use the card until the balance in the card becomes 0
  • By using the gift card offers the company increases the sales
  • By using the Walmart gift cards you can send the gifts to your friends or family easily

About Company:

Walmart  is  a multinational company that belong to the United States. The founder of the company is Sam Walton. The possessor of the company is Walton family. The Walton family holds about half the shares of Walmart corporation’s.

It also owns many pharmacies, grocery and marketing stores in the United States. About two million people are working in the company across the world. The main mission of the company is to make life easier.

The Walmart company sales about $ 559 billon only in the year 2020. The company has a global marketing chain. The company has its suppliers around the world. They also good in feeding the daily needs of the common people.


  • Does Walmart gift card give discounts ?

Yes, my D Walmart gift cards give the discount up to 8% to the customers

  • What’s on my Walmart gift card?

By using the Walmart gift card you can check your gift cards balance at any Walmart store also you can check it in online website by entering your PIN number

  • How do I make transfer using Walmart gift card ?

You can transfer your money from the gift card which you have paid already to your bank account by a service called Cardcash.

  • Can I use the Walmart gift card for buying gas?

No, you cannot use it for gas but you can use it for food and other products.

  • What is the limit you can put on a ?

The maximum amount the Walmart gift card holds is$ 1000

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