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www.Chase.com/verifycard – Chase card refers to the chase freedom unlimited card. It is generally a Visa. Chase card is a master card. The visa network operators all the credits , transactions and ATM card of the chase freedom unlimited cards.

The readers can get a doubt where it belongs to Master card or Visa ? The answer is chase freedom unlimited cards are operated by both Visa and Master card. Both the Visa and Master card issues chase freedom card.


The Visa and Master card are accepted over 200 countries across the world. Both the Visa and Master card are less expensive when related to other companies. The company is very successful in providing easy and secure transactions for its customers for many years.

The card is very secured with no expectations to frauds to hack it. But the company charges nothing for safety and security from its card users. The company has a total users of 19 million people across the world and it is still counting. Most of the merchants and shop keepers accept chase freedom card issued by both Visa and Master card. The card also has many benefits which is mentioned by the following.

How to Get the Chase Freedom Card?

Follow the below mentioned instructions carefully for registration and activation of chase card. Keep in mind the rules and regulations of the company before registering for the card. Once you apply for the card it is taken that you agree their terms and conditions.

  • To get a chase freedom unlimited card you must pre qualify
  • Once you get the qualifications you will receive your card shortly
  • Visit the official website of the chase card company and click the option for pre qualification
  • Now you need enter some basic information’s like your name, address and the last four digits of your security number
  • Make a note that you are eligible to get a card only if your credit score is more than 700
  • More your credit score more will be the chances for approval
  • Or your credit score must be in the level of good to excellent
  • After your approval after pre qualification you can enter the next step
  • In the official website you need to give your full name, your mobile number and your email address
  • After your verification you’ll get your card
  • Do not forget to link your card with your personal bank account
  • After the card becomes active you can use it for your purchases

Terms and Conditions:

  • To apply for the freedom card you must be at least 18 years of age
  • You will become eligible only your credit score is more than 700 or it should be in the range of good to excellent
  • Once we receive an report on your account we will review your accounts performance. If you need to know the person who sent us the report we will notify you by sending the name and address
  • On the occasion of opening an account you will receive an card holder agreement
  • If your in terms to cancel your transaction or payments kindly call 1- 888- 338- 9464.
  • To get a platinum card your credit limit should be at least $ 500
  • We have the right to change your membership details
  • Amount transactions includes regulated fees

Benefits or Rewards:

You will be eligible to get the following rewards only you must be able to offer for a reward or gift cards from the company. As a member of chase freedom unlimited cards you can enjoy unlimited rewards,

  • After the activation of the card in the upcoming 3 months if you spend more than 500 dollars you will earn a bonus of 200 dollars
  • You can up to the 5 % cash back on using the card in travelling expenses
  • By using the chase card in foods or food delivery the customers can easily take the cash back of 3%
  • By spending on all other needs you can earn a cash back of 1.5%
  • If you are the new card holder you can get a bonus of 50 dollars for the up coming three months
  • The company does not charge any maintenance annual fee any time
  • If any queries regarding rewards or membership you can report it in the website
  • The customer service station will be available all the 365 days in a year

About Company:

The chase freedom unlimited card is issued by both the visa and MasterCard company. The card is a part of American Multinational Financial services corporation. The company issues and owns many of the prepaid cards ,  debit cards and credit cards.

The founding father of the company is Dee Hock. It was founded in the year 1958. The combination of Visa and Master card takes a great part in amount payments and transactions through online. Visa and Master card company is the only company that is very successful in all the three markets for payments. Both Visa and Master card are similar in its services to the society.


  • What kind of company is Visa and MasterCard ?

Visa and Master card is only company that is very successful in all the three markets for payments. Though they are considered as the same company their services to the people is different.

  • Which is best Visa or Master card ?

Both the visa and MasterCard company runs in a similar way And the security details are also  same. So both the cards have equal importance in the digital marketing sector. They are also well accepted by all the peoples and merchants

  • How to get an approval to get a chase freedom card ?

If your credit score is greater than 700 you can be eligible to get the Chase Freedom Card.

  • What is the minimum credit limit for Chase Freedom ?

The minimum credit card limit must be 500 dollars in the Chase Freedom

  • What is the highest credit limit for Chase Freedom Unlimited ?

The maximum credit card limit is 20,000 dollars in Chase Freedom Unlimited.

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