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www.MyMilestoneCard.com – The milestone card is a MasterCard. It has all the benefits of a MasterCard. The card holders are not requestor to deposit any money on behalf of security.

Do you have your credit points less than your perfect credit you can have your milestone MasterCard. my milestone account’s official website will be available for 24 / 7. My milestones management site for account offer its cardholders to pay their online bills without any additional charges or billings.


By using the miles shown up the customers can view their accounts status at anytime anywhere. milestone card users are protected from frauds like other MasterCard users. The milestone MasterCard companies being successful in managing the credits of the customers. by using milestone card the customers can meet their everyday needs.

In building or rebuilding credit the company charges only lower fees than other companies credit card users. it has a credit card limit of dollars 300. By using milestone master card the customer’s can make their purchases online as well as offline. The company is very good in managing. It also gains a lot of popularity among people across the country.

How to Use My Milestone Mastercard?

If you follow the below steps carefully , then you can easily become a user of my milestone master card.

  • For the registration you need to buy my milestone MasterCard from the online websites or the shops nearby your home.
  • You can be able to get your card within two weeks
  • If you ordered to start using your my milestone MasterCard you need to deposit some money to make your credit card active it in online.
  • Opening of an account in my milestone requires ID verification.
  • To access all the future mobile or email verification must be required.
  • By using your respective bank you can transfer a minimum amount of money to the card to make it active.
  • To complete your application you need to give your email ID and date of birth
  • Now give “Locate application”
  • if you are opening an account in my milestone MasterCard for the first time then the company charges some fees from you for the opening of new account.
  • If you transfer the fees from your bank account then your account will be activated
  • In your my milestone MasterCard there will be an 16 digit security code
  • There will be also the name of the card holder
  • After the verification of your personal details your card will be activated
  • Now you are free to use the card at your purchases

Terms and Conditions:

The customers should not violate the rules and regulations of the company. they must always keep in mind the following rules and regulations,

  • The user of the card must be at least 18 years of age
  • The card holder must have valid name ,address
  • The card holder must be a citizen of United States of America
  • As ID verification is compulsory for approving your MasterCard you must provide an valid proof.
  • You must need to apply for the pre qualification.
  • The customer service is available only from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM only from Monday to Friday
  • If you have any query you can contact the number 1-866-453-2636
  • you can have only a maximum of only one account per individual
  • You can also send your documents true facts by the number (888) 325 – 4717
  • You are able to manage your card details at www.MyMilestoneCard.com


  • For the activation of your card you need to transfer some money from your bank to the my milestone money card
  • To verify your identity you need to provide your personal details such as your name your date of birth your address and your locality clearly
  • After issuing your my milestone master card you need to note down the 16 digit security number carefully.
  • Make sure that you should provide an valid email address
  • You must link your personal bank account with the my milestone MasterCard to make your purchases easily

Benefits or Rewards:

  • You are able to refund your cash in advance at any ATM that supports my milestone money card
  • You can get an advance of my milestone credit card at any ATM if you have your advance pin code number
  • The company charges zero percent cash in advance fee for the users in the first year
  • For rebuilding credit the company charges only less or lower fees when compared to other credit card companies
  • It allows the customers to refund their cash up to the daily limit of $ 300

About Company:

My milestone Master Card is issued by the Bank of Missouri. it is serviced by genesis FS card services And it’s corporations. The Bank of Missouri was founded in the year 1891. It is an FDIC insured bank.  The card is available in more than 210 different countries across the world. It is said that the card is used to buy more than 30 million people across the globe. The Bank of Missouri accepts many of the credit cards and master cards.

The Bank of Missouri owns only a credit card named platinum visa credit card. The company is working with great efforts to fulfill its customers requirements. The predominant theme for the company is to make payment easier and faster. The company also runs in many countries across the globe to satisfy the people’s needs. It is said that it is one among the best companies in customer services.


  • Does my milestone credit card give increase ?

The milestone credit card’s daily limit is $ 300 credit limit for those who qualify for the credit limits it increases it by $ 75 per annum.

  • How do I check my milestone on my credit ?

By dialing the above mentioned toll – free number or by contacting it’s customer service you can check it.

  • How do I pay my milestone credit card online ?

By mail or by contacting the customer service or by logging into the official website you can pay your credit card online.

  • What is the credit limit for milestone master card ?

$ 300 is the credit limit for milestone master card.

  • Can I use milestone credit card at ATM ?

Yes , you can use the credit card with advance pin at any ATM.

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